Video Presenters

Why use video presenters?

Let's face it - e-learning is seen as boring. Sorry fellow e-learning developers but that is true. The image most people have of e-learning is a Power Point style slide presentation with a quiz at the end.

And you know what - most e-learning is ineffective because it is dull!

e-Learning WMB aim to be different. We capture the trainee's attention by having video trainers walk onto the screen (like a teacher would walk into a classroom) and actually engage with the audience. This immediately captures the attention and leads to a far more effective learning experience.

In a recent study of 98 learners only 1 learner said that they slightly disagreed that this learning method was effective (you would get significant proportion of the respondents disagreeing with this statement with a typical Captivate or Articulate course.)

e-learning WMB inserts videoed presenters into its e-learning to add fun to each course to illustrate learning goals

Chalk and talk on screen

The effectiveness of this methodology is hardly surprising as this is the way the traditional classroom has worked since man started demonstrating kill techniques by writing on cave walls. The advantage of e-learning however is that the process is consistent and can be run at a time and location that suits the learner.

Surely it's expensive..?

You would think so but the simple answer is "no". E-learning WMB has its own "green-screen" studio for recording e-learning sessions which means that courses can be set up and recorded rapidly to suit the client's time constraints. Furthermore the virtual interactive learning spaces which the presenters walk into are all pre-made using customised templates which again saves you time and money.

We are a fraction of the cost of traditional e-learning development.

When compared to the traditional method of using illustrations and designing from scratch, e-Learning WMB are less expensive than our competitors.

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e-learning demo of e-learning WMB's presenters in their e-learning courses