Open eLMS: Learning Management like Netflix with video conferencing

Video Explainers

Video walkthroughs of all e-Learning WMB' supported systems are available here.

Open Elms - what if your e-learning was like Netflix?

Open Elms version 8 is a complete e-learning training management system that combines cutting edge design with the ease of use of video services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Open Elms - Netflix Style LMS

This video demonstrates Open Elms - the Netflix style Learning Management System (LMS). Truly where Netflix meets e-learning.

Walkthrough of Jackdaw Cloud

Demonstration shows how to add courses using Jackdaw Cloud. This demonstration is from within the Open Elms Pro Learning Management System.

e-Start: e-Learning Induction

e-Start is a branded e-learning onboarding product produced by the company e-learning WMB. The e-start system was first launched in 2003 to provide on-boarding e-learning that could be customised after delivery.

Apprentix - Universities, Colleges and Training Providers

Apprentix is seen working with various members of the apprenticeship learning process from Curriculum Developers to Quality Assessors within a University setting.

Apprentix - Apprenticeship Levy and e-Learning

Andy Howie talks about how Apprentix enabled him to manage the Apprenticeship levy and delivery world class online training to his apprentices.

Apprentix - All Encompassing e-Portfolio Apprenticeship System

A complete e-learning solution for handling apprenticeships including ILR import/export, data reporting, e-learning, learning content for standards, EPA portfolio, 20% off the job tracking etc.

Jackdaw Client Testimonials

In the video Alan Green, eLearning Design and Technology Manager, speaks about the growing use of Jackdaw within the organisation and the success he has achieved in using the software to produce great looking e-learning.

e-Office Safety: Example Course

e-Office Safety version 7 is an e-learning course that concurrently trains the computer user whilst carrying out an ergonomics assessment. The use of video presenters and virtual learning worlds is common to all e-Learning WMB e-learning courses.

VR e-Learning Demo

Virtual reality e-learning puts the learning in the heart of the learning experience. This promo illustrates e-Learning WMB's unique e-learning meets corporate video approach for exporting to VR, apps and the web.

Let us know your ideas for using VR in e-learning - you need VR glasses to fully appreciate the presentation.

David Schneider on Comedy e-Learning

The following talk extolls the virtue of using comedy as a tool to increase the effectiveness of e-learning.  This humorous talk by David Schneider uses real life examples of an induction course for Places for People, in a e-learning WMB joint venture - Housing e-Learning Network - a learning partnership for the Social Housing sector.

Warning this video may contain some jokes!