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Open eLMS for Apprentices

Learning Management System for Apprentices

How does it work?

Open eLMS for Apprenticeships (formerly Apprentix) is an elearning and e-portfolio management system, built to match the everyday demands of running apprenticeships.

Leveraging over 15 years of experience in creative apprenticeship and elearning delivery for some of the UK’s most prominent employers, Open eLMS for Apprentices has been designed to be the only all-in-one apprenticeship management system that meets all of your functionality requirements whilst remaining simple and intuitive to use.

With the option of an additional 200+ hours of high quality learning you can dramatically lower your delivery costs and increase your margins.

User Experiences

Open eLMS for Apprentices is an e-Portfoilio system which uniquely offers Apprentices, Coaches, Mentors, Assessors and Content Creators unique interfaces, thereby making the system as easy-to-use for all users ...

For the Apprentices:

Easy-to-Use e-Portfolio

Apprenticeship e-learning with Netflix style interface

Open eLMS for Apprentices has a simple and functional user interface, allowing your apprentices to easily access training resources directly, and within a system that is designed to mirror services they already use, such as Netflix.

Multi-Platform Learning

e-portfolio mapped against the UK apprentice standards

Open eLMS for Apprentices can supply relevant elearning based upon individual standards, from within its library of courses, or your own. The system can accept and manage a large variety of resources, including classroom training, mentoring, videos and webpages, and make it easy to locate and navigate between them.

Evidence Upload and Management

Evidence uploaded by apprentice as part of e-portfolio

Whilst apprentices can upload evidence to their own e-portfolio and assign it to a specific standard, the system will seek evidence from the apprentice on a timescale designed to map key achievements against milestones which have been set in accordance with each standard.

For Managers, Coaches, Mentors and Quality Assessors:


apprenticeship  e-Portfolio tracks e-learning with milestones on system via calendar control

When using the e-portfolio system, all stakeholders can track apprenticeship progress, and if they wish to, schedule milestone meetings or send general words of encouragement via integrated communication platforms. Furthermore, Open eLMS for Apprentices can automatically link these meetings to the calendars of both parties.


 e-Portfolio Reporting Apprenticeship Standards

Coaches and assessors can also monitor the progress of apprentices, and have access to full tracking data which is as granular as individual competencies and standards.


Evidence can be signed off on the  e-Portfolio and approved by QAs

Once an apprentice has uploaded evidence of their learning, and work towards a standard, it will be queued in a task list for their assigned manager to review and sign-off. Email notifications can be sent when evidence is uploaded, and when it has been signed off.

For Content Developers:

eLearning Creation

Apprenticeship standards' e-learning customisable e-learning system with SCORM tracking

Creating elearning is easier than you think when you pair Open eLMS for Apprentices with the most advanced, cloud based authoring software available - our own Open eLMS Creator software allows you to create your own bespoke elearning and tailor it to a standard of your choosing.

Resourceful by Design

Apprentice Learning on any location

Why limit your apprentices to SCORM-based elearning? We can learn from a vast range of sources, and Open eLMS is designed to reflect that - YouTube videos, webpages and classroom training can all be managed and maintained from within the software.

All Platforms, All Devices

Apprenticeship standards supporting evidence can be signed off on the  e-Portfolio and approved by verifiers

Open eLMS for Apprentices is fully compliant with HTML5 & PHP standards - it works on any device, on any browser


Open eLMS for Apprentices is a unique, tailored solution for apprenticeship delivery for new hires and existing employees. See a full list of features below:

  • User-friendly, Netflix inspired interface for apprentices

  • Collaborative training management system coordinating managers, trainers and quality assurers

  • Off-the-shelf standards are available and can be further tailored to your requirements (see list covered)

  • Ability to integrate with your existing systems

  • Elearning authoring tool fully integrated into the LMS

  • Interactive and engaging elearning library

  • Web, mobile and even VR compliant

  • Integration with existing systems

  • Clear and simple audit trails to ensure and demonstrate a “20% off the job training” delivery model is in place

  • Ability to integrate with your existing systems

System Pricing

Select the e-Portfolio and/or Learning Management System, then either Option 1 from our standard library or Option 2 for bespoke learning to match the selected apprentice standard.

  • Apprentix


  • £35 / apprenticeship

  • Track classroom/workshops
  • Track mentoring
  • Track meetings
  • Upload evidence
  • Open Elms

    Learning Management System

  • £15 / apprenticeship

  • Track e-learning
  • Track YouTube
  • Track Web Activity
  • Learner/Management reports

Learning Content Pricing

Populate your system with learning content, saving you 100s of hours of classroom training and mentoring time with high quality training.

  • e-Learning Library

    Option 1: Standard

  • £50 / apprenticeship

  • 150+ e-learning modules
  • e-Learning Library

    Option 2: Bespoke

  • £100-250 * / apprenticeship

  • 140+ e-learning modules
  • Bespoke standard specific e-learning
  • Links to YouTube
  • Links to Web Content
  • Highfield Apprenti-kits

    Option 3: PDF Workbooks

  • £40-52 * / apprenticeship

  • 15+ standards covered
  • Standard specific workbooks
  • Further details available

* Price dependent upon the Apprenticeship standard complexity and volume of sales. Contact e-Learning WMB for details.

Additional Services

e-Learning WMB utilises 15 years of experience in the e-learning industry to offer the most comprehensive e-learning development system to support its core e-portfolio offering. e-Learning WMB prides itself in offering an all inclusive price, note there is no additional cost for tasks such as support and migration of data from existing platforms.

  • Apprenticeship Management


  • Free

  • Apprentice/coach reports
  • Editable standards
  • ILR Import
  • Task scheduler
  • End Point Assessment


  • Free

  • Apprentice/assessor reports
  • Sign-off learning
  • Task scheduler
  • Virtual Classrooms


  • POA **

  • Chalk-and-talk style classes
  • One-to-one mentoring
  • Whiteboards
  • Videochat
  • Author e-Learning

    Jackdaw Cloud

  • £2,000 / author

  • Cloud authoring
  • Templates
  • Media library
  • Create e-learning in minutes

** Price dependent upon the number of classroom and bandwidth. Contact e-Learning WMB for a quote.

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The foundation of the Open eLMS system is the Learning Management System (LMS). Open eLMS LMS can be purchased separately or part of much wider learning implementation.

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