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e-Learning and e-Portfolio for Apprenticeships

Apprentice Standards e-portfolio system

Apprentix is an e-learning and e-portfolio management system that has grown from over 15 years’ experience in creative apprenticeship and e-learning delivery for some of the UK’s most prominent employers, Apprentix has been designed to be the only ‘all in one’ apprenticeship system, which is uniquely supplied with +200 hours of high quality online learning for each standard, which will lower your apprenticeship delivery costs and dramatically increase margins.

Apprentix is an e-Portfoilio system which uniquely offers Apprentices, Coaches, Mentors, Assessors and Content Creators unique interfaces, designed to make the system as easy to use as possible for each party.

Apprentice e-Portfolio

Easy to Use

Apprenticeship e-learning with Netflix style interface

The apprentice can access e-learning and any other training resources directly through an easy to use "Netflix" style e-Portfolio interface. No instruction is required to use the e-Portfolio system, apprenticeship related training is served to the user when needed or files are uploaded

Multi-Platform Learning

e-portfolio mapped against the UK apprentice standards

Relevant e-learning to each standard is supplied with the Apprentix e-Portfolio system from its library of courses. Additional training is supplemented by existing e-learning, classroom sessions, mentoring, video and other online resources.

Evidence Uploaded

Evidence uploaded by apprentice as part of e-portfolio

The apprentice uploads evidence to their e-Portfolio against the standard. Evidence is sought against a timescale which maps key achievements against milestones set in accordance with each standard.

Managers. Coaches, Mentors & Quality Assessors e-Portfolio


apprenticeship  e-Portfolio tracks e-learning with milestones on system via calendar control

All stakeholders can track apprenticeship progress using this e-portfolio system. Emails can be sent to encourage e-portfolio users and milestone meetings organised, all linking to your email and calendar systems.


 e-Portfolio Reporting Apprenticeship Standards

Coaches and assessors can monitor the progress of any apprentice under them using the e-Portfolio. Full tracking details are available to enable them to monitor their progress.


Evidence can be signed off on the  e-Portfolio and approved by QAs

The apprentice uploads information to the e-Portfolio to evidence completion against the standard. Evidence is sought against a timescale which maps key achievements against milestones set in accordance with each standard.

Content Developers


Apprenticeship standards' e-learning customisable e-learning system with SCORM tracking

e-Learning authoring is easy with the most advanced cloud based authoring software available. Apprentix e-Portfolio can also create e-learning bespoke to your standard.

All Types of Learning

Apprentice Learning on any location

Learning can be added to standards on any platform from YouTube videos, classroom based sessions to uploads by the apprentice. All can be tracked on the Apprentix e-Portfolio system against the standard's requirements.

All Platforms

Apprenticeship standards supporting evidence can be signed off on the  e-Portfolio and approved by verifiers

The e-Portfolio system and e-learning will work on any platform, from PC to mobile to soon to be released VR!


Apprentix is a unique, tailored and bespoke e-solution for apprenticeship delivery for new hires and existing employees. The system uniquely features:

  • User-friendly “Netflix-style” interface for apprentices

  • A collaborative training management system for managers, coaches, mentors, trainers and quality assurers

  • Standards ready off the shelf and tailored to company requirements (see list covered)

  • Relevant, interactive & engaging e-learning course library

  • e-learning authoring for creating bespoke courses

  • Web, mobile and VR compliant

  • Integration with existing systems

  • A clear and simple audit trail to ensure that ‘20% off the job training’ delivery model is in place

Online Tour

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If you would like an immediate tour over the phone or Skype then contact us (info@e-learningwmb.co.uk) to arrange an appointment.

Apprentix Pricelist

System Pricing

Select the e-Portfolio and/or Learning Management System, then either Option 1 from our standard library or Option 2 for bespoke learning to match the selected apprentice standard.

  • Apprentix


  • £35 / apprenticeship

  • Track classroom/workshops
  • Track mentoring
  • Track meetings
  • Upload evidence
  • Open Elms

    Learning Management System

  • £15 / apprenticeship

  • Track e-learning
  • Track YouTube
  • Track Web Activity
  • Learner/Management reports

Learning Content Pricing

Populate your system with learning content, saving you 100s of hours of classroom training and mentoring time with high quality training.

  • e-Learning Library

    Option 1: Standard

  • £50 / apprenticeship

  • 150+ e-learning modules
  • e-Learning Library

    Option 2: Bespoke

  • £100-250 * / apprenticeship

  • 140+ e-learning modules
  • Bespoke standard specific e-learning
  • Links to YouTube
  • Links to Web Content
  • Highfield Apprenti-kits

    Option 3: PDF Workbooks

  • £40-52 * / apprenticeship

  • 15+ standards covered
  • Standard specific workbooks
  • Further details available

* Price dependent upon the Apprenticeship standard complexity and volume of sales. Contact e-Learning WMB for details.

Additional Services

e-Learning WMB utilises 15 years of experience in the e-learning industry to offer the most comprehensive e-learning development system to support its core e-portfolio offering. e-Learning WMB prides itself in offering an all inclusive price, note there is no additional cost for tasks such as support and migration of data from existing platforms.

  • Apprenticeship Management


  • Free

  • Apprentice/coach reports
  • Editable standards
  • ILR Import
  • Task scheduler
  • End Point Assessment


  • Free

  • Apprentice/assessor reports
  • Sign-off learning
  • Task scheduler
  • Virtual Classrooms


  • POA **

  • Chalk-and-talk style classes
  • One-to-one mentoring
  • Whiteboards
  • Videochat
  • Author e-Learning

    Jackdaw Cloud

  • £2,000 / author

  • Cloud authoring
  • Templates
  • Media library
  • Create e-learning in minutes

** Price dependent upon the number of classroom and bandwidth. Contact e-Learning WMB for a quote.