Safe Working from Home and Office elearning Launched

  • Safe Working from Home and Office

eLearning WMB are proud to announce the launch of their Safe Working from Home and Office elearning. This course is designed for anyone who uses a computer when working either at home or the office. The elearning covers the principles of ergonomics, how to adjust your workstation to your environment, cyber security and health and well being.

Any course dealing with Health & Safety will need to be customisable as the administrator/course design etc. will need to link in relevant policies and procedures for their own company. This is understood - of course customisation is not unique to this course - which is why this elearning is fully customisable by any administrator so links can be added to company documentation. In fact all elearning is customisable from eLearning WMB for free using Open eLMS Creator.

We recommend you have a look at Open eLMS Creator - the most comprehensive and easy to use online authoring tool available - now available with automated voiceover from Amazon!