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The following portfolio is an example of some of the e-learning projects we have undertaken in the last year. Please feel free to contact e-learning WMB for further details about the e-learning portfolio and other projects.

  • Housing ELN - e-Learning portal from e-learning WMB
  • Housing Association e-Learning
  • Social Housing e-Learning from e-learning WMB
Housing ELN - e-Learning Portal

Housing E-Learning Network is an e-learning portal for the social housing sector in the UK. This privately funded venture boasts the 3 largest Housing Associations in the UK as members and features a host of 3D interactive courses tailored for the social housing sector.

  • ProSafety - European Union e-Learning from e-learning WMB
  • e-learning WMB EU e-learning courses for ProSafety
  • e=learning for local government, national and EU government e-learning projects
ProSafety - European Union

e-Learning WMB has carried out a number of projects for the European Union product safety industry body PROSAFE. The company continues to use e-Learning WMB to develop interactive 3D courses and provide video and other production services.

  • NHS - Drugs Training for Free e-Learning
  • Working with Drugs e-learning from e-Learning WMB
  • Free e-learning program for persons working with drug users
NHS - Drugs Training for Free

The client required an e-learning program designed to teach those working with young people about drugs. e-Learning WMB worked closely with the client to produce the scripts and e-learning based on their two day course. The course is currently hosted on a supporting site provided by e-learning WMB.

  • Family Lives e-Learning charity course from e-learning WMB
  • Good example of e-learning for a national charity
  • Family Lives - Parent Training e-Learning by e-Learning WMB
Family Lives - Parent Training

The charity required a fun and informative experience that was not technically challenging, but did require the necessary interactivity to engage and enthuse the learner. The result was a mixture of e-learning and video production that has received great plaudits.

  • e-Learning WMB's client Unilever - Office Safety Assessments e-Learning
  • e-Learning WMB FMG e-learning client Unilever
  • Unilever's ergonomics e-Learning course from e-learning WMB
Unilever - Office Safety Assessments

The client required an e-learning course to give their staff ergonomics training in the correct use of computer workstation and carry out a risk assessment at the same time. The e-learning carries this out and logs issues in a task management system which keeps an audit trail of all activities.

  • Home Office - Security e-Learning by e-learning WMB
  • The Home Office is one of e-learning WMB's national government clients
  • An e-Learning WMB UK National Government client
Home Office - Security

The following course was carried out for the Information and Passport Service to train their staff in the importance of Data Protection Act, General Security and IT Security. The courses were integrated into the client's existing SCORM Learning Management System.

  • Riverside Housing Induction e-Learning by e-Learning WMB
  • Riverside Housing is an example of e-Learning WMB's Social Housing e-Learning
  • Riverside Housing Induction e-Learning
Riverside Housing Induction

The Housing Associations existing induction procedures were moved on-line into a 3 hour induction course for all new staff members. Additional Health and Safety and Security courses were also implemented.

  • Places for People - Induction e-Learning
  • Places for People - Induction e-Learning
  • Places for People - Induction e-Learning
Places for People - Induction

Places for People - one of the UK's leading Housing Associations - required an induction and supporting e-learning courses. The project was delivered in 2 months and involved coordination with many departments. Subsequent training has lead the client to start producing their own great looking e-learning.

  • Technip e-Learning
  • Technip e-Learning
  • Technip e-Learning

Technip needed a rapid but highly polished e-learning program for their clients' requirements. e-Learning WMB managed the process producing a course which matched both the company's branding and high expectations. The two courses delivered covered 1.5 hours and was delivered in 4 weeks.

  • Alterian Software Training e-Learning
  • Alterian Software Training e-Learning
  • Alterian Software Training e-Learning
Alterian Software Training

A video trainer was superimposed on screen to conduct the training session.


An overview of the work we are producing and the services we offer can be see from the presentation below. We really recommend you give it a go - it will be like no e-learning you have seen before.

  • e-learning bespoke development by e-Learning WMB
  • David Schneider's e-learning writing team produce bespoke e-learning and off the shelf courses

Then feel free to contact us for further information, an on-site demonstration or any other aspects of our development approach.
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