Open eLMS Creator

elearning cloud creator software

Want to create elearning like the professionals?


eLearning Author

5 minute start up - simple, intuitive software you already know how to use

No software installation - edit and improve your elearning in your browser

Template and image libraries - 1,000+ professional templates, animations etc.

Add your own images, videos and animations to yoru presentations

Voiceover from Amazon Web Services (like Alexa!) or record your own

Integrates with your LMS - no need to export a SCORM file when used with Open eLMS

Learner Experience

98% approval rates - arrange a demo to see why

Video presenters - use your own presenters, or ours

The Open eLMS Creator rapid e-learning authoring system is a collaborative project, and the result of nearly 15 years of work - current users of the software include the Learning and Development departments of many global corporations as well as individual elearning consultants. As such, it is flexible, robust and supported with an array of hosting and support options ideally suited to your requirements.

What will Open eLMS Creator do for me?

Take your elearning design onto the next level and expand your capabilities with Open eLMS Creator, and make your whole design process creative and fun. Making full use of the software could mean learning valuable skills such as audio mixing and green screen techniques.

Integrate Authoring within your LMS

Although Open eLMS works well as a stand alone authoring system, you can turn your Learning Management System into an elearning creation system with Open eLMS Creator. This means no more importing SCORM packages or needing to install third party software. See further details on the Open eLMS Creator API on how to do this .

Let's see it in action

This support video demonstrates how to create elearning. This help video is available from the help button in the system.


The system starts at £90 per author per month with discounts for a company-wide licence.

Send to details of the number of licences you want for a quote, else book a meeting with us below to see the system and discuss it further.

Book an online demonstration

Let us show you how to create a professional e-learning course in just 15 minutes or discuss how to integrate Open eLMS into your existing LMS. Includes video presenter, voiceover, animation and quizzes.