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e-learning WMB ties up with BBC writer and comedian David Schneider for bespoke e-learning development

Humour adds salience to any message making it more memorable. Good e-learning uses humour to ensure the underlying goals are met and above all remembered. It is easy to see how this is the case, but very difficult to add jokes which simply make you cringe.

For the purpose of adding jokes that work, e-Learning WMB have teamed up with the presenters and writers of "That Lot" including David Schneider (Day Today, Alan Partridge) to write and perform in e-learning "productions" for your company. Think of us as the "Video Arts" of the e-learning industry.

For a more complete picture we recommend you have a play with our presentation, designed using e-learning WMB's unique documentary style e-learning technology...

  • e-learning bespoke development by e-Learning WMB
  • David Schneider's e-learning writing team produce bespoke e-learning and off the shelf courses

... else contact us for further information, an on-site demonstration or any other aspects of our development approach.
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