e-Learning in HTML5, Flash, Apps or Virtual Reality (VR)

4. Video Walkthroughs

Video walkthroughs of all e-Learning WMB' supported systems are available here.

About e-Learning WMB

Start your e-learning on your smartphone or tablet and complete it on your computer. Apps for IOS and Android that feature e-Learning WMB's unique e-learning meets corporate video approach.

Walkthrough of Jackdaw Cloud

Demonstration shows how to add courses using Jackdaw Cloud. This demonstration is from within the Open Elms Pro Learning Management System.

Open Elms Courses

Walkthrough of adding courses using the integrated authorware Jackdaw Cloud and third party suppliers SCORM content.

Open Elms Organisational Structure

How to set up Open Elms Pro with employees, sites, departments etc. Describes how to set up with registration, single sign on and other API technologies.

Open Elms Pro Email Functionality

A walkthrough tour demonstrating how to set up email alerts and ad hoc connection with learners using the report filter to emails certain users.

Example Jackdaw Help File Jackdaw

Example Jackdaw e-Learning Video template tour which makes up part of the help system.

Jackdaw Client Testimonials

In the video Alan Green, eLearning Design and Technology Manager, speaks about the growing use of Jackdaw within the organisation and the success he has achieved in using the software to produce great looking e-learning.

e-Office Safety: Example Course

e-Office Safety version 7 is an e-learning course that concurrently trains the computer user whilst carrying out an ergonomics assessment. The use of video presenters and virtual learning worlds is common to all e-Learning WMB e-learning courses.

David Schneider on Comedy e-Learning

The following talk extolls the virtue of using comedy as a tool to increase the effectiveness of e-learning.  This humorous talk by David Schneider uses real life examples of an induction course for Places for People, in a e-learning WMB joint venture - Housing e-Learning Network - a learning partnership for the Social Housing sector.

Warning this video may contain some jokes!